Reseller Program

Looking to make some additional income each month? 


Money not going as far each month? Want to have a side hustle that gives you additional income? You have a small business and want to generate additional income from your client base? Got a large Social Media following? Love selling? Got a Passion for Caps and Fashion? YOU are in the RIGHT Place.

We have an AWESOME opportunity for YOU!

At GetCapped we have helped many Entrepreneurs grow their businesses, some from the beginning and others have just added our products to their current portfolio of product offerings. By offering a Personalised Cap to their range of offerings or by just selling personalised caps, our current clients have all grown their businesses, both revenue and bottom line profit.

Now you have a chance to participate.


How YOU may ask?

Well it is easy, all you need to do is to market and sell personalised caps to


    USE the POWER of your Social network.


    To PROMOTE and SELL personalised caps.


    This is not just a work from home opportunity. Here you can sell all the time, no matter where you are. All you need is a cellphone or computer connected to the internet and even then this is not compulsory. If you have a friend, you potentially have a sale!

    How does it Work?


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