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Hunting season is upon us as the days grow shorter and the nights longer. The Winter chill has hit us early this year and we have started doing caps for clients that are embarking on their annual hunting trip. 

We have done some interesting projects this last week and thought I would share one today. GetCapped is a very versatile brand and we are know for taking on projects which other companies would not even conciser. 

I was contacted by the client via our Facebook page  where he messaged me with an image of a sketch, which to quote " It looks like a 2 year old drew it but I find the okes that draw work better with a basic plan"

This is what we received with a brief that this must be a badge on the front of the cap and have the colours and look of a Scottish emblem.  The farm they where hunting on belonged to a Scotsman and they wanted the Farm name to be on one side of the cap and the name of this year's trip to be on the other side, to commemorate this annual gathering of close friends who where traveling from across the country.

We got our in house specialist digitizer to take this concept and create the final design which was shared with the client electronically for final sign off, then began the work.

How Long did all this take, you may ask?

The whole process from start to finish took 4 days, start to finish. The Client was delighted with the result, as was the rest of the crew.

The cap that was chosen was our NEWLY released Uflex Vintage 5 Panel Strapback Cap

Contact us for your specific requirements, we would love to be involved in making your next hunting trip a success. 

Email us at sales@getcapped.co.za

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