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Here are some popular ways to wear a snapback, provided you have a normal sized head, that is.

The Basics of Wearing a Snapback Cap


Snapbacks first came onto the scene in the 1950s. Brought on the scene by players in the American baseball league, the classic snapback was originally styled in various team colours. The hats slowly faded out of the fashion world only to reemerge in the 1990s, quickly becoming a staple in popular fashion. By the end of the century, the snapback had disappeared once again, but in recent years we’ve seen the classic snapback hat reemerge on the scene, popular as ever.

How you choose to wear your snapback depends entirely on the type of style you want to achieve, and how confident you are in pulling it off. Let’s look in more detail at the multiple ways a snapback can be worn.


Here are some popular ways to wear a snapback, provided you have a normal sized head, that is.

Forward facing: You can wear the snapback forwards, plain and simple, but that’s not very exciting. Instead, point the brim towards the sky as much as possible and sit the cap on top of your head without quite fully pushing it in place.

Backwards: Again, this is more than just wearing the snapback the wrong way. If you want to wear a snapback backwards, you should again angle the brim towards the sky so that your entire forehead is exposed.

Angled: This style is halfway between sideways and forward facing, where the cap is simply angled slightly to the side.

For the ladies: You may have some difficulty wearing snapbacks at times with hair interfering with the placement of the hat. For a sporty look, wear your hair in a ponytail threaded through the back of a hat. Alternatively, you can braid your hair and wear it to the side.

Styling is important with snapbacks. It’s not just the hat that will make you look cool, but your outfit in general. Wear a snapback with some fitted jeans and a casual shirt for a sporty look, or switch with a polo and some neat sneakers for something more preppy. For a more urban look, opt for baggier pants and maybe a chain or earring.

    Whether you go for a classic snapback with neutral or two-toned colours, or a more modern one with a cool design on the front, wear your snapback with confidence and you’ll impress everyone. So what are you waiting for? Now that you know how to wear the snapback.

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